Art and culture translations from an Art History PhD

Hello, and welcome. My name is Sarah Elizabeth Cree, and I translate from Italian to English in the fields of art, art history and culture. I work on projects ranging from exhibition catalogues and scholarly texts to specialised websites, museum content and multimedia materials.

Art translations are my primary specialisation. With a PhD in History of Art, and experience working in art museums and teaching art history to university students, I come to art translation as a fully-trained art historian. Trained to read, write and research art history at the doctoral level, I produce art translations as an insider, with the skills and subject knowledge to create art texts that read like English-language art texts and not ‘translated Italian’. For more information, please see the profile and services sections of this website.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring my website, including my nascent art translation blog. To find out more, request a quote or discuss your translation project, contact me.